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What is Hospital Management System (HMS):

hospital management system (HMS) is a computer or web-based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital or any medical set up. Our system or software will help in making the whole functioning paperless. It integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details, etc. into one software. It has sections for various professionals that make up a hospital.

hospital information management system kenya

Hospital management system is a computer system that helps manage the information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. They manage the data related to all departments of healthcare such as,

  • Clinical
  • Financial
  • Laboratory
  • Inpatient

Importance Of The Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System allows us the ability to optimize and digitize all the processes

Registration and Enquiry Management

Appointment & Queue Management

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with Document management System (DMS)

Pharmacy Management

Operation Theatres timetable and Management


Hospital Management

  • Accounting Integration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bed Management
  • Claims Management
  • In-Patient Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Out-Patient Management
  • Patient Records Management
  • Physician Management
  • Policy Management

Our Hospital management system kenya is an online patient management and Appointment, Scheduler application software for getting an appointment very easily over the internet. This Hospital management system application software is built upon PHP with Codeigniter Framework Hospital can take the online patient appointment and patient can take doctor schedule from anywhere in the world.Hospital Main Features :Online Appointment SystemUser Level-wise ReportEasy to customizeDoctors Time Off ManagementDoctors Scheduling ManagementPatients ManagementBootstrap Based DesignFresh and Clean CodeModern Website integrationAll Browser SupportFully ResponsiveBilling System is integratedInsurance system is integratedHundreds of automation features10 type of user accountsEasiest appointment booking systemPrivate communication with doctors
and Many MoreDifferent User Roles:AdminDoctorAccountantLaboratoristNursePharmacistReceptionistRepresentativeCase ManagerPatient

Note – Please contact us before if you have custom requirements to discuss the Scope, Vision, and Build of the software.

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